Slot tournaments a good way to even the odds

Slot tournaments a good way to even the odds

How would you like unlimited spins without having to pay the machine? And no worries about loose or tight! That’s a slot tournament.¬†Occasionally they are free promotions, but many casinos have paid tournaments.

One fee gives you an opportunity to compete with other players to see who can win the most slot credits. The top prize can be thousands of dollars and (depending on the tournament size) the mid-range prizes are substantial, too.

Some competitions even have a cash prize for last place. Larger tournaments usually include a hotel room, meals, and other goodies like show tickets and gifts. Add it up and the total value is often greater than the amount paid even when you don’t win a top prize.

Of course, if you have really lousy luck and you finish tenth from last in a field of five hundred, you won’t win anything, but you still get the room, meals, entertainment, and the pleasure of competing. The key, as always, is to do the arithmetic and figure a price-for-fun.

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